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Paula @ KnitandSeek

Yay for being smitten with socks! I'm sure you and your new pattern and new yarn will be very happy together. Hang in there -- it gets easier! :)


Sorry the first effort was long and not satisfactory; but congrats to you for starting a 2nd pair. Loving the sock yarn colors, and looks like you're coming along nicely. Not something I've yet tried myself, but perhaps someday. Haven't used DP's though have purchased to give it a go...sometime.


had trouble posting above and never go the opportunity to put my url so poped back
http://4ccccs.blogspot.com/ since I'm not a disgus blogger I think it was confused, or perhaps I'm the one the was confused?


Oh, love the color for the more promising sock. Best of luck on getting the hang of it! I've never attempted a sock, they seem intimidating...

Wonder Why Gal

I love the yarn for the new socks...sometimes I think the yarn really does make a difference.


I have learned a lot by the projects that crashed and burned (or just stumbled and fell), though I never enjoy the process of failing at the time it happens :-) Your 2nd sock is off to a great start -- keep on going!


I, too, am smitten with sock knitting, but have yet to try it. I have tons of yarn, and I think I'll be giving it a whirl soon. You should be proud that you didn't get frustrated and shortly after frogging, starting on a new pair!


Thanks, everyone, for your kind words.

To those of you who haven't tried sock knitting, but wish to, I say, Go for it! I found sock knitting overwhelming...all those needles! But it's actually not very hard.

Recently at knit night, a few of us were comparing our first and second socks. The first socks all looked funky and the second socks all looked so much better. It might just take knitting one sock to get the hang of things.

Marushka, you're absolutely right. Much is learned from failure. I only mind the struggle when I'm trying to finish something by a deadline bc then I get nervous that it will be late. I try to avoid deadline-related projects entirely now for just that reason! Knitting's supposed to be relaxing for me...not stress me out.

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