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Friday, October 16, 2009



Is surfing the internet anything like watching football?


My sister was the same way. She claims it was because she was allergic to cats, but she never bothered to learn to tell the difference between Gizzy and Jasmine. Gizzy, full white face, long sleek, mellow, curious about everything. Jasmine, black covering her eyes, shorter, plumper, longer fur, shy, not interested in anybody. I'd had them at least five years before my nephew was born. He was about five when he was visiting one day. My sister said she couldn't tell the difference between the two cats.

"Well your son can, and he's five."

She learned after that.

This, by the way, from the person who had two fawn pugs. Harder to tall apart than my two cats.

I mean like, Duh!

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