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Friday, October 17, 2008



Gorgeous Nosey is for sure!! A beautiful tuxedo cat - I have a similar one - a little more stout.

Gayle Miller

Anna - we cannot discuss "stout" when it's possible that the companion of a 26-pound Maine coon boy named Sam is reading it! As to the estimable Nosey - what a handsome fellow! My Sam is madly in love with a lady tuxedo cat who comes to schmooze with him from time to time. Sam has his own kingdom - my completely screened in back deck which is huge and always available to him through a doggie door in my master bathroom. He and the tuxedo lady are mad for each other - although I have informed Sam quite firmly that (a) consummation will NOT be happening and (b) even if it DID (which it won't), events that transpired at the vet's office some 6+ years ago make any offspring impossible!


Ladies, thank you for your comments on my sweet Nosey. It seems there are a few stoutish cats out there, yet there's room for all of them. We think Nosey is stout at 16 lb., but those Maine coons are seriously stout. That just means there's more of them to love!

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