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Friday, May 16, 2008



Friday SCATblogging this week (the first one) is Friday horseblogging with Scat Daddy.

Friday SCATblogging this week (the second one) is the SCAT bus full of senior citizens. Don’t laugh; it’s a serious issue they’re facing.

Gayle Miller

I am a total sucker for a pink-nosed kitty. Sam the Wonder Cat has a pink nose and he gets extremely annoyed when I make an outrageous fuss over it (secretly he loves it when I make any kind of outrageous fuss over him in any way). He wants the world to think he's a badass, and in truth, I know he's just a cuddly baby boy - even at age 7!


My friend Bo was on Prozac for awhile. It really helped him. BTW, I’d like to tell you that my hilariously funny book, The World Is Your Litter Box, is in bookstores now and is also available on Amazon. The book is cleverly disguised as a cute cat book so humans will buy it, but is, in fact, a how-to manual FOR cats. Check it out on my website, www.theworldisyourlitterbox.com.

Yaffa & Sebastian

What a cute nose you have!!

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