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Friday, December 07, 2007



gentle get-better-soon mommy kisses for smudgie's beautiful tummy. what a nice boy.

it's easy to tell how much you love him.


My cat Bucket suddenly started to breath in a rapid rate one day. I was afraid she had a respiratory infection so I took her to the vet. A day later the vet called us in to inform us that Bucky had lymphoma. He asked what we wanted to do, and explained, if treated properly, she could live another 9 months. She was only 3 years old at most at the time. I decided I was going to do whatever I could, and I started to throw money at the situation.

About $1,500 and 3 days later, Bucky died.



I'm very sorry about Bucket. It's so hard when a beloved cat dies.

We were not surprised when Smudge was diagnosed with lymphoma. His littermate, Archie, died from high-grade lymphoma three years ago. We'd already decided that if Smudgie had high-grade lymphoma, we wouldn't repeat the chemo that Archie had bc it brought so little extra time and was more involved from the cat's POV. We're hoping Smudgie has the best possible outcome from his low-grade lymphoma, but guess we have no choice but to take whatever time we can get with our sweet little kitty.

Again, condolences on the loss of your Bucket.



Whaleshaman, Smudgie is always up for belly kisses and belly rubs...and I am more than happy to pass on some belly kisses!

Megan & Bad Kitty Cats

We are purring and praying for Smudgie to return to happy health soon. Wow, that is a scar, but he is a tough kitty. You have our love! Scritches and HeadBumps and Happy Holidays

Amy H

My cat has just been diagnosed with intermediate grade lymphoma - I cannot find very much information on that form. Do you know of where I can look? Thanks!


Just wondering what ever happened with Smudgie? I have a cat - 14 years old - with low grade lymphoma. Just started her on prednisone and chlorambucil (luceryn) - after 4 doses ever other day, she has thrown up quite a bit so we stopped it. The vet wants to reduce the dosage to once every 4 days. Just wondering if you had any luck? I sure hope so - what a pretty and very loved cat. Thanks!


Hi Lisa. I am very sorry to take so long to reply. Smudgie died in March, 2008. Wrt prednisone: Our other cat, Dolly (who is Smudge and Archie's littermate), is on budesonide and chlorambucil now. She has GI problems and we kind of expect her to get cancer someday, too. We tried her on prednisone, but she always threw it up within minutes of taking it. She tolerates the budeosnide much better and rarely vomits at all. Her stools have improved greatly and she's even gained a little weight. You may want to ask your vet if budesonide is an option for your kitty.

גני אירועים

Just wondering what ever happened to smudge? I am a cat - 14 years - with low-grade lymphoma. It was he who started with prednisone and chlorambucil (luceryn) - 4 doses ever other day, has attracted quite a bit 'so he stopped. The vet wants to reduce the dose once every four days. Just wondering if you had any luck? I really hope that the way - what a beautiful cat and very loved. Thanks!

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