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Friday, March 30, 2007



Hi. Joseph. I read yur bloggy it nise. Profesor Thomas ekxist he reel persun I have prove. I nevr gone New Jersey uSA whare lokate? By new Yorke? I injoy Stuttgart but it not my orijin countrie. If you go Germany konsidar bring you 3 cat for shorterm leson in Joseph selfdefence klass for cat. I give 10% visiter disscounte. Euro refunde cheefly if totaly disatisfied.


Hi, Joseph! What a surprise to have you stop by my blog. Yes, New Jersey is just south of New York. I actually have 5 cats, so if I were to bring my cats to your class, it would double your current class size! It's very difficult to travel internationally with cats bco health restrictions, so I doubt we'll take you up on your kind offer, but thank you. I enjoy reading your blog.

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