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Thursday, March 01, 2007



Hume had a great line that would fit here perfectly if I could remember it! It's something like this: "...I think of these things and then I get distracted by a game of backgammon and all is well again..."

Okay, that's not even close. I've got the passage at work, but that's the basic idea. Forget about the thinking and all's well again.

Personally I like to dwell in the uncertainty of things and float around in it all. It's comforting to me that there's no clarity. I can't quite find what's right, but I can't be too wrong either!


That's what happened, I got distracted knitting, knit myself to sleep and awoke to a brand new day w/no worries about anchors. Next time I'm feeling at sea about things, I'll pick up my needles sooner rather than later.

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