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Friday, January 05, 2007



I enjoyed reading your well-reasoned and articulate position on this case. Clearly, it's a unique and complex situation. I agree with your Rumsfeldian points.

Looking forward to perusing the rest of your blog.


Thanks for stopping by, Rose.


I think more or less as you also seem to, that it is no use saying "X is unnatural" and not provide any better alternative and I dont feel like rejecting an idea just because it sounds strange, I want a real reason why it is wrong.


Thanks for stopping by, GNZ.

Elisabeth's Mom

just surfed through ...it appears to be easier to use Ashley's parent for target practice then to take responsibility for the reasons why they opted for surgery. From my own personal experience, it is very difficult finding space for my child to gain her independence in world that has little to offer her which is why I understand why they chose this path.

You took on a big chore writing this article and I appreciate your laid back Taoist spin. Have you checked out Sam Crane's article? I think you would like it...


Hi, Elisabeth's Mom. I read the comments on the Ashley thread at Alas, A Blog. I was very frustrated by some of the dialogue on that thread. I thought you and some other parents of severely disabled children showed remarkable restraint in the face of some very antagonistic commenters.

I also clicked through to your blog via that thread. I enjoyed reading your blog.


Punish the parents? Punish the doctors? What about the real perpetrator here?

This is the way of our world still ... just like the choice/life issue. Hold the egg responsible for the rest of it's life, but not the sperm.

Witch hunt? Lynching? What next?

It's always half the story, isn't it?

Hello, Kitty Kitty!!!

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