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Tuesday, October 03, 2006



More Kitties! More Kitties! I demand a Monday Cat Blog!


You're going to have to wait, Buster. I'm moving cat blogging to Fridays, beginning with this week.

Laurence Simon

Does Clara want to be added to the Carnival of the Cats banner? Let me know. -ls


Yes! Please copy whatever pictures you want or let me know if you want me to send them to you if you can't copy them off of here. Thank you!

Gayle Miller

I well remember once when I was moving that Boo, the big brother (at 20 pounds) was easily corraled and that little brother Rocky (a mere 8 pounds) took 4 adults nearly 30 minutes to corral - in a TWO BEDROOM apartment. Cats are wily critters and I congratulate you on such a swift capture of Clara! Boo and Rocky have left me for the great Cat Carnival in Heaven (and I still miss them a lot) but now there are Sam and Tim. Sam is a 5 year old, 25# Maine Coon (rescue) and the most biddable and lovable handsome little man you can imagine. Tim is a Bluepoint Siamese who is very loving but also loaded with a typical 2 year olds attitude and stubbornness. Getting HIM to the vet, despite his relatively petite size is a nearly Herculean task! And I consider myself doubly blessed that I have these 2 characters to love - something that I could never have imagined after Boo died at age 18 (Rocky lived to be 15, despite diabetes).


Thanks, Gayle, but hold onto your congratulations bc Kevin and I just had a heckuva time last night trying to confine 5.5 lb. Dolly last night for her vet visit today. I got scratched up and Kevin even got bit! Poor thing, she was soooo scared. It's especially frustrating w/Dolly, bc she really should be getting meds for (what we think is) IBD, but she just does not do handling. The vet and I will be revisiting strategy for her today; I hope we can come up w/something. She'll be this Friday's cat blog subject, so I'll update there.

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