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Friday, October 13, 2006



i really think its a good idea to keep a rather little story or a diary on how your pets manage from day one, recently i adopted a kitten it really doesnt fit in but i have really learnt a thing or to from this article Thank you


my kitten doesnt seen as if wants to fit in everyone adores it so much it was seperated from its family everyone feel sorry for it but we dont know what to do anymore we tried a gentle approach but nothing works it dont eat we tried feeding it Plaice,Cod,Chicken and Lamb all brands from felix. we also tried the nuricious growing formulas of sort but it wouldnt take it in and listeneing to your article had been a rather big inspiration


Hi Jubeda, I'm sorry I haven't responded earlier. I hope your kitten is still hanging in there. Some things to consider:

1. Has the cat seen the vet? What does the vet recommend?

2. If it's a very young kitten, it may eat formula. It's like the powdered or canned formula some babies eat; just formulated for cats.

3. It may also eat human baby food. We are currently feeding that a couple of times a day to one of our other cats who needs to regain some weight. No ham baby food, though.

4. Try other human food: chicken, turkey, tuna fish, sardines, mackerel, etc. No ham and no bones.

5. You can use a syringe (w/o the needle, of course) or an eye dropper or something like that to get food into the cat.

6. You can try putting a little bit of food on the cat's nose or paw. It will clean its nose or paw. Eating that little bit of food that it cleaned off its nose or paw might stimulate it to eat more.

7. Some cats like things like squash and pumpkin. None of mine do, but I know of cats that eat those kinds of things.

Good luck.


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