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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Caroline Petroski

Pour salt at a safe distance from your flowers (far enough that they won't leach into the soil and intrude on your flowers nutritional needs, but make sure it's a steady line -- without gaps. Guaranteed you'll see the slugs...all shriveled up and dead, but you won't have to get up early to see them. In the event of rain, you might want to think of something to put the salt on, so it won't leach into the ground, but won't be slithered under by slugs.

Another option I learned elsewhere, but don't know if it works for sure -- coffee grinds and crushed egg shells. When the slug goes through them, they'll stick all over it, and make it impossible to manuever. Hopefully, it will end up, slugs 7- you won! LOL


Hi Caroline, Thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping to avoid killing the slugs by just relocating them elsewhere in the yard. Turns out they've turned tail (or something) for some reason. I think that's why I didn't see them...bc they'd left. Maybe I disturbed them w/my early morning visits. Most of the chewed up marigolds are coming back, although a couple of them died. So, all in all, a successful resolution.

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