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Wednesday, May 17, 2006



What a frustrating time! Sounds like a bit of OCD going on there - the hording variety. I had a neighbour who would keep empty pop cans very neatly in the original case, and empty cigarette packs in the original carton. She was very tidy about it, but it's still odd. By keep them, I mean forever - stacked floor to ceiling in her living room. I ended up cleaning out her house when it was deemed a fire hazard.

Personally, for what it's worth, I'd want to light a fire under your brothers' butts. But that's just me.

Good luck at the next vet trip.


Sage, thank you for comments. Yes, OCD is my armchair diagnosis, too. I've thought for a while that the one bro had it, but never really thought my mom had it. Maybe now she has the time and opportunity to indulge it. I don't know details about it, e.g., I wonder if it is possible that stress can bring out OCD tendencies.

Wrt lighting a fire under my bros' butts: I didn't go into it as much in this post - bc I was so busy talking about, well, me - but my bros do a lot of helpful stuff. I did give them their props in the earlier post, linked at the beginning of this post, for doing the grocery shopping, going on errands, taking them to doctor appointments, etc.

What I haven't quite figured out is why, with four brothers in relatively close proximity, certain things take so long to achieve. I know my mother felt, shortly after my father had his stroke and heart attack, that she was going to blow a gasket if one more person told her what to do. So, maybe they're treading lightly...although three years to get a one-room leaky roof fixed is a bit too lightly, IMHO. Maybe she's setting up roadblocks and they're frustrated, too. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the bros and my mother shared the same procrastinating/glass-is-half-full attitude, in which case, they wouldn't make a very effective team. I suppose I could just talk to them! That's prolly a good place to start, although I do dread it...it seems to revive longtime irritants and lapses into old, negative roles.

Thanks for the good wishes re: the next vet trip, but, theoretically, one bro says he'll take the cat, who now has to start the two-shot series all over again. Poor thing (the cat).

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