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Tuesday, December 06, 2005



Three sandwiches in three days? I guess you're like buttah. To me, that only mean two things. 1) I'm going to run out of cold cuts before the week is over, and 2) Smudgie & Pickles are not going to get their morning snack every day this week.

By the way, I loved your using "denouement" in your post. Sorry, I know you hate those quotes, but I cant figure out how to itaicize here.


Hey Bun, No, your cold cuts are safe. I would never take food out of your and Pickles' and Smudgie's mouths. Well, maybe I would if something sufficiently yummy were at stake. Anyhoo, my sandwiches were of the tuna, pbj and grilled ham and cheese varieties. Okay, so you're down a little ham. The cats can't eat that anyway.

To italicize, I think you just need to put before the text and after the text. Let's see if it works in this comment. I wish I could get the accents and whatnot to appear. The codes I've found for that kind of stuff doesn't work in typepad comments and posts, although it sometimes works in typepad post titles.

Have you left for home yet? See you soon!


Oops! It worked but you can't see what to type! Duh. Okay, so it's put "" before the text to italicize and "" after the text, minus quotes. Let's try that again.


Nope. Okay. I'll show you how to do it when you get home. And maybe I'll show you how to do some other stuff....

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