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Wednesday, December 21, 2005



I know, I'll make a roast for me, and you can have some leaves & bark or whatever.

Seriously, if a roast is too much red meat, let me know now, because I'm planning to pick it up after work today. If you really don't want to eat meat for Christmas, I'll make a nice sea bass or something. Or I'll let you cook. I love your cooking. But I know it's probably too late to defrost the turkey now.

Maybe you should think about eating meat in terms of number of lives. That way, you would only eat really big things. Just think, if you had the shrimp platter at Charlie Brown's the other day, that would have equated to 24 shrimp lives. If you eat a roast at Christmas, that's only a small fraction of a life. Is the life of a cow worth like 50,000 shrimp lives? I don't know what the true ratio would be, obviously, in terms of how many meals each one can provide. The point is, that if you stick to dumb animals, you're generally taking about small animals, and consequently more lives.

What's a really big, really dumb animal. Those are the ones you should eat.


Hey Bun, Go ahead and make a roast...I'll gnaw on the Christmas Chree. Me and Smudgie...we'll eat the pine needles.

Naw, make the roast and it'll be a planned lapse. The business about going veggie is bco, at least in part, the pain and suffering of the animals. I guess you could say that one cow's pain and suffering is less than 50,000 shrimps' pain and suffering. I'm guessing here that cows are smarter and more sensitive than shrimps.

Elephants are big. Isn't there some saying about eating an elephant one bite at a time? But elephants aren't dumb; to the contrary.

What's a really big, dumb animal, you ask. Does that include people?

You know, I'm not crazy about sea bass, although I've only had it a few times. I know people love it, but I haven't really taken to it. It doesn't seem very flavorful to me; maybe I'm missing something.

So, bottom line, make the roast and don't worry about it.

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