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Tuesday, October 25, 2005



I'm glad you enjoyed it. Since you declared it a 'tri-annual' event, I guess I can't make chili again until 2008. And what about my cornbread? Let's see... I never made cornbread before, and I'm 40 years old, so that means I should make cornbread every 40 years? Ok. I hope you enjoyed it, because next time I'm scheduled to make cornbread is October 23rd, 2045. Mark your calendars!!


Hey Bun, I only referred to it as a tri-annual event bc it'd been about 3 years since you last made your chili. Ya nut. I would love for you to make it more often than that. Maybe a bi-annual event? Dare I dream for an annual event? As an added inducement, I would be more than pleased to make the cornbread next time so that you can focus on your chili. Re: 2045: you're always saying your ticker's gonna conk out any minute now, so maybe you should make chili now while you still can and not wait until 2045 bc, well, you'll be dead. On that happy note...ttyl! Hope you're having a good day!

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