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Saturday, October 08, 2005



Hi Annie,
No I do not mind that you blogged me! And I am also glad I did not sound as bad as I feared I might.
For other readers, Annie and I met as fellow half Irish + half Polish blends, who had complementary senses of humor. We also tried to instill some food diversity at the Harriet Richardson house. I rememeber specifially Annie making borscht. It was not a good sign when people would bring back Burger King bags during these evenings, BEFORE even trying the food - but so be it- their loss!

My big question- how do you make the hearts?


Um, Kathy, I don't remember making borscht...I thought you made that! But who knows, maybe I did. Let's see if I can remember some of the stuff I made there...for sure I made: kielbasa, potato pierogies (homemade - by me!), poppyseed roll (again, homemade)...I probably also made potato soup. I vaguely remember making some frozen chocolate-potato dessert that came out like ice cream pie w/a graham cracker crust. And it was better than it sounded. This doesn't sound very diverse after all...it sounds rather potato-centric. I loves me a good potato.

I also remember making a pie that was called something like Dutch apple cream pie...it was an open apple pie w/cream in it somewhere and it was absolutely delicious (I still think about it occasionally), but I could never find the recipe in the cookbook again.

Re: the hearts: I had to look it up yesterday iot do it. I found this page which has code for a bunch of characters.

Good to hear from you - and hear you on tv. (I can't believe your kids are c-spanners already!)

jill geller

Annie! Kathleeen! I LOVE this H.E.R. stroll down memory lane and kudos Kathleen for your accomplishment. Annie...you are awesome to create this free flowing techno-web that catches all sorts of folks and stuff altho. I am still so immature in my computer skills that your little cues/easy prompts help BIG- TIME!!! Please feel free to post and brag about GiGi aka Curious George/Georgie-Boy/Boy-George/Cute Little Girl (when I'm confused!) He loves to hunt when he hears the birds making a racket which they just were so off he goes to my back deck perch! This is good as he is SUCH a LAP BOY and LOVES to be glued to your side that typing this message is tres easier w/o a cat on my lap. Some news for Kathleen??: Mary Cunha Andrews asks about you often, was up this summer visiting Cape and Bro. in J.P. SHe lives outside Atlanta with hubby and 3 very adorable kids...all skinny and very cute like Mary ages 7 and under. She's retired from O.T. and a FT Mom/Wife. I think I'm getting a bit boring now....Waiting for Chikh to get in from work so we can dash off to a wake for his Boss's Father in law. Life is really something is my latest catch phrase to keep me on the philosophical/optimistic/hopefully less judgemental side...there seems to be an overwhelming degree of death, decay and negativity out there........SO LIFE IS REALLY SOMETHING AND GIGI ROCKS!!!!!!!!! LOVE TO ALL ALWAYS!!!! jill g. (OTR/L)


Hey girls. Gee, Kathleen, my ego is taking a hit - even after all these years - learning just now that some of our housemates were eating Burger King instead of my dinners! I liked to think that I was all that in the kitchen. I still like to think that! As if you couldn't tell....

Jill, I think it's just about the right time of year, weather-wise, to make up a batch of chicken soup from that recipe you gave me years ago...complete w/secret ingredient.

Both of you, feel free to post updates re: HER people here. I often wonder about Maureen Flynn, Becca Harrison, Eileen McAdam, Rene Corapi.... Any news there?

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