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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Kristen Crepezzi

That stuff about filler and annoying comments/questions... I can think of one person in particular who made my life a living hell four times a week with his dumbass comments... Remember Hume, Kant? Oh how I loathe that boy!! Incidentally, do you ever see him? I hope not. His voice makes my brain hurt.
Did you get my email? I'm very lonely tonight without Bourbon. I cleaned the whole apartment. I hope he comes home soon...


Hey Kris,

Ya know, I forgot all about that guy. See, now, he wasn't a dumbass...his questions were okay...and he wasn't dumb...he just had a certain je ne sais quoi about him that offended. I think it was bc he had a snobby way about him w/his tone of voice and the way he'd look around at people like he was appraising them. I don't see him anymore. Maybe he graduated.

How is little Bourbon? Do the vets have any idea what's going on w/him? Has he improved at all? That must stink w/o your kitty...at least if one of my cats has to stay overnight at the hospital, I have a few spare cats at home. But I bet your apartment looks nice!

Take care and I hope the little guy feels better and comes home soon.


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