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Monday, July 25, 2005


Kristen Crepezzi

Well, my mom thinks Bourbon is the most boring cat in the world. I would agree with her if I thought it wouldn't hurt his feelings. He's only been here for three days, but he hasn't left my room on his own at all. The Vet came two days ago and he was the sweetest kitty. He just curled up in the vet's lap while she clipped his nails and showed me how to brush his teeth and gave him some shots. He's just so so mellow. My mom now thinks there might be something wrong with him because she thinks he just looks so sad. I think he's not a quick adjuster. He sleeps under my bed all day long, which isn't too bad because I sleep in my bed all day long. If I pull him out from under places he just comes out, if I sit him in my lap, he just sits. If I bring him to the cage with the rat in it the rat tries to attack him and he just sits there. He doesn't mind the cat or dog. If the dog licks him he allows it but doesn't want to play. It seems like he's very sad, but I don't know how to make him happier. He won't play when my brother comes in with string and other fun cat things. He hit around a cat nip ball for a few seconds and now isn't interested. At night he comes onto my bed and wakes me up at about 3am with purring, but he only wants to sleep on my head. I thought that was the most fun thing he did so far. What can I do to make him happy and make sure he isn't getting depressed or sick? With another move in less than a week, I'm a little concerned for him. Other than that, he's a very handsome cat with a very loud pur. I just wish he was acting more like a cat. I wouldn't be so concerned if he played a little too, but all he's doing is sleeping and when he wakes up he's so slow. :( Any advice?


Hi Kris,

Sorry it took so long for me to respond. You've probably figured out everything you wanted to know by now, but I'll respond here in case you haven't and also in case it helps someone else.

I hope your move went well and that you and Bourbon are cozying up to each other.

I just wish he was acting more like a cat.

He's only been here for three days, but he hasn't left my room on his own at all.

I think he's not a quick adjuster.

...he just sits.

...all he's doing is sleeping

He is very much acting like a cat! :) No, cats are not quick adjusters. Most cats do not like change at all. I've heard it said, though I don't know if this is true, that a cat would prefer that new people move into its house v. moving to a new house w/its original peeps. Sounds plausible. The whole adoption process was probably very traumatic for Bourbon.

Some cats are very mellow and do just sit. Also, adult cats sleep/doze/rest 16-20 hours per day! Once past the kitten stage, they usually just hang around. If they are indoor only cats, it is important to make sure they get enough stimulation and exercise that mimics their normal behaviors.

Entertaining them:
- Some cats like catnip; some do not; it's a genetic thing (I think). If Bourbon likes it, give it to him 1x/week or so; preferably on his scratching post so he'll get used to using the scratching post and associate good stuff (the catnip) with the post.

- Most cats love a toy called Da Bird. I bought it from Drs. Foster and Smith's online store, but you might be able to buy it elsewhere.

- Cats often find very simple things entertaining. A paper (not plastic!) grocery bag. A crumpled ball of foil. Laser toys (do not shine in his - or anyone's - eyes; that can cause serious damage to the eyes). If you're doing stuff around the house, tie a piece of strig to your belt and maybe he'll follow the string around. I feel overly protective suggesting this, but you should not leave bags, strings, etc. out when you're not there to supervise the cat's play. Cats ingest stuff like strings, curling ribbon, etc. and it can cause internal injuries. I haven't heard of a cat hurting itself w/a paper grocery bag, although some folks cut the handles off just to be safe. I suppose it could manage to get itself situated in such a way that it can't get itself out of a paper bag and suffocate. Obviously, no plastic bags bco the suffocation risk.

If you're still concerned re: Bourbon's behavior, talk w/the vet. Were any lab tests run on him, e.g., on blood, urine, fecal samples? You want to rule out any medical possibilities first.

Hope this all helps. Feel free to ask more questions...I'll try to be more prompt at answering them!

Again, hope your move went well. Have classes started? How's it going up there? Good luck!


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