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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Kristen Crepezzi

Hey Annie.
Congrats on the A..
I'm glad to hear that your father is getting better. He sounds so fiesty.
Also, a good GRE prep is Number2.com
I used it and did quite well [better than I scored on my SATS in fact, and well enough to get into my top programs, probably not well enough to get into top philosophy programs, but you're much more smarter that me :) ] Anyway, it simulates the actual test, which as I'm sure you know is all computer based. But you need to register and it only scores you a few (maybe two or three) times in each section.. but you can practice for as long as you want.. And if you read all the instructions there are some helpful hints. The prep books never worked for me.. I'd get too distracted to find out why I made the mistakes I made and I wouldn't flip through the book. This website will tell you right as you work.
Ahh.. I talk too much..
Talk to you soon. Keep blogging.. I love yours, mine is a mess.


Hi Kristen,

Feisty...I love it! That's a great euphemism.

Thanks for the number2.com tip...I'll check it out. I think part of my problem is that I want to actually learn (or relearn) the math, not just get through the test. I'm tired of being a mathematical midget.

And you don't talk too much!

Hey, where is your blog? I'm sure it's not a mess.

How was graduation? Where are you living this summer?

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