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Friday, March 18, 2005



Annie! My newest attempt to hold URI sx's at bay: Airbourne alka-seltzer like tablets.
They are packed with Vit. C, echanecia, herbs, anti-oxidents and I think can only help for a daily dose of Oumph-Help. Welcome home tonight! It was tres fun to hear from you on the road. I think of you ea. nite when I watch 'As Time Goes By.'
Today's local paper had a travel ad. for both Ireland, Hawaii and the Carribean. We've been to the latter but I love the sun and we'll likely go back over the Summer (off-season.) Where would you go in Sept./Oct./Nov/??? Hawaii or Ireland??or England!!!??? So may places to see!! We were actually thinking of Arizona/Southwest in early Fall. Lots of Love!!! J.


Hi Jill! Thanks for the sx tip. Does it seem like every third person you know has had this lingering flu/cold/uri thing this winter? I've just about had it...it's been a real drag and it's really harshing my mellow.

Gee, Jill, I don't know which of those places I would go to during those months...I could just as easily go to one as another. I do like the southwest idea. Although I will say that we were in Santa Fe, NM one October and it was cold and actually snowed while we were there. We had not expected that. So check out average weather info before you pick a place. We didn't really mind that it snowed, but if we had been counting on sun and high temps, we would've been disappointed.

I wouldn't mind going back to Ireland, although I would like someday to get to Scotland. Maybe visit some of the craggy parts up north. Maybe meet some craggy people up north.

I think our next vacation will probably be Maine in the summer. Neither of us are sun-lovers like you, so when it's summer here we try to go north. We'll probably stay in or near Acadia because Kevin likes his National Parks, Forests, etc. NOT camping, though. Although I might not mind camping with a group of people with at least someone who knew what they were doing. But the idea of two people in a tent in the middle of some huge forest, miles away from anyone else, no cell signal(!).... I'd never be comfortable or get any sleep. My overactive imagination would hear all manner of interlopers: bears, wolves, axe murderers...the usual suspects.

On that cheery note, I'm off.

Love, Annie

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