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Tuesday, March 22, 2005



Sad but I think true: I think our bodies really revolt at age 40 and beyond. I can not beleive how tired I get or out of shape I look...Where's the muscle mass? How can I weigh so much more since College days? I really think New England weather and all this rotten cold/winter stuff we have to endure each year throws our bodies in shock more. Maybe this is why older folks move to Florida..to preserve and limit life/time shocks to the system??? What do you think?

Matthew Davidson


Hang in there. Most of my colleagues are really sick with the same sort of thing. I've not seen a flu this pernicious before; it really knocks people flat and then hangs on. The only people I know who have gotten better with any sort of speed are those who have cut out teaching and other activities and have rested full-time.

All of this, together with the warnings about the flu in Asia, have me reading *The Great Influenza* about the 1918 flu. Pretty harrowing stuff.

Well, that was a cheery post. Think of cute kittens? ratemykitten.com?

I hope you feel better soon--and take it easy. Feel free to e-mail if you want to discuss epistemology stuff.



Oh Jill, I don't know...I guess I'd want to see if people who moved south lived longer and better. I think older folks move to FL to get away from the cold weather and also get away from certain responsibilities (house care, yard care, etc.) and enjoy more leisure time and activities.

Personally, Florida is too humid for me; I'd go to the southwest for that dry heat everyone's always talking about. The mountains might be nice, too...although they get cold and snowy, too.

But I suppose there's no getting away from your point about one's inevitable decline, although I don't like to think about it. I recently read an article on extending the average human life span to hundreds of years. Do you think you'd be interested in that? Assuming you're functioning fine, physically and mentally? I think I could get into that.


Hi Matt,

You know, I've decided to do just what you mentioned: I'm cutting out almost all extraneous activities, e.g., volunteering, and keeping only what I have to keep: school, work and getting better.

I take it you've been fortunate enough to avoid this flu? How lucky for you!

Rate my kitten is adorable! Speaking of rating websites...heh heh heh...I'm going to embarrass you by noting that you have a red hot chili pepper next to your name on ratemyprofessor.com. And I quote: "And really really cute." Your PhD is paying off. :)

Matthew Davidson


Well, umm, my girlfriend wrote that. *cough*



Really, Matt? How nice. Do tell us about her.

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